The World's FIRST Dynamic Posture Device!

Going On NOW!

Strength in Neutral Classes are coming to San Francisco this Fall! Strength in Neutral classes are 50-minute total body core and strength boot camps utilizing VerteBar posture devices for the entire workout. Plank with perfection and strengthen your squat with optimal spine alignment. Strength training with a neutral spine will allow your body to activate more muscle fibers and train your body to move in optimal movement patterns, decreasing current pain and risk of injury.


  • Strength in Neutral Posture Training with VerteBar posture device:
    The WORLD’s ONLY Dynamic Posture Trainer in Existence
  • Custom Tailored Personal Training
  • Rebalance the Entire Body by Strengthening Specific Muscles to Counter Misfiring Ones
  • Flexibility Program Focused on Overlooked Hip Flexors, Chest, and Trunk Muscle
  • Comprehensive Total Body Manual/Assisted Strengthening
  • Start with this playlist to relieve your back and/or knee pain today!
    Back/Knee Pain Relief Videos 


Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am. Van Buren Fitness
To RSVP or bring Strength in Neutral classes to your location,
e-mail me directly:

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