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Align your Spine to Bend over Better. Maximize your Potential, in and out of the gym.

VerteBar was created from the stories of everyday people suffering from musculoskeletal pain. Pain is limiting and may have a negative effect on overall health and quality of life.

Working in physical therapy as an exercise aide for 6 years, it seemed as though no matter what the injury was, the goal with prescribing therapeutic exercise was to bring the body back to neutral. In almost every patient, the hip extensors, especially the gluteus maximus, is under utilized, along with the ability to find and maintain a neutral spine is suboptimal. The hip hinge mechanism is decreased in those with musculoskeletal issues.

Physical therapy exercise aides spend one on one time with patients, multiple times per week for several weeks at a time. I have heard main providers of households fearful of letting their families down, unable to work, and afraid they won’t be able to return to their labor-intensive job. I’ve heard of mothers unable to lift their infant children due to debilitating back pain. I have heard of geriatric patients afraid of falling because they are unable to get up off the ground. The less we move, the less we are able to move.

In physical therapy school at USC, I had the privilege of working on cadavers (bodies of the deceased). This is where I discovered what the joints and muscles look like under our skin. Seeing the structural damage done on the skeletal system as a result of suboptimal posture made me realize I wanted to focus on preventing this damage. Our current medical system is geared toward crisis care instead of preventative care. After teaching my clients to find a neutral spine and bend from the hips using a dowel, I began working on the VerteBar concept. Using PVC pipe and straps cut from a diving suit, I conducted a pilot study in my Masters program at University of the Pacific. I concluded that the concept worked but the device as it was, was not going to work. Instead of pursuing my thesis on this concept, I decided to pursue the creation of the posture device.


Thank you for your time, consideration, and support!

Sheena Nadeau, Fitness Expert, CEO

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