The World's FIRST Dynamic Posture Device!

What IS VerteBar Posture Device?
VerteBar is a dynamic corrective posture device worn vertically along your back to guide your spine into optimal alignment while performing exercise. It is the first posture device that guides your spine into optimal alignment while you perform exercises to strengthen your entire body. Many physical therapists, chiropractors, and fitness experts utilize a dowel held against one’s back to teach proper spinal alignment. This allows an already commonly used method of teaching proper spinal alignment to be used much easier, and more importantly, while strengthening your body in aligned posture.

HOW does VerteBar Posture Device work?
Ideal spine alignment requires 3 outward curves (back of the head, the middle of the shoulder blades, and the flat part of the sacrum) aligned in a straight line vertically when standing upright. These 3 outward curves create the contact points to keep in line, touching the Bar at all times while performing common movements, such as bending forward from the hips and squatting. VerteBar is held to your body back with 3 straps to keep the bar in contact with the 3 points. One across the hips, a second around the lower rib cage, and the third around your forehead.

Wear VerteBar while performing physical therapy exercises such as shoulder strengthening, core exercises, to common exercises like planks, squats, dead lifts, rows, push-up, etc. Most exercises that require optimal spine alignment can be performed while wearing the Bar. Ab strengthening exercises including crunches, oblique crunches, Pilates, and yoga are best performed without VerteBar as these moves require flexing and extending the spine, moving outside of optimal alignment. Strength training while maintaining optimal spine positioning allows all of your joints to be in optimal alignment while forces are being applied, increasing your entire body’s potential.

WHO can benefit from VerteBar Posture Device?

Almost anyone! We are never taught how to squat properly or stand properly, we just do it. This leads to movement patterns that puts our joints at increased risk for injury. Think of VerteBar as the human body’s version of getting a car’s tires aligned. Preventing uneven wear and tear is crucial to joint health. VerteBar may not be appropriate for everyone. Modifications may be required.

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